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When uploading audio or video content be sure to include a track list as well as artist and title information.


If you have any questions about your artwork, or other files, please contact us.


     To avoid added expense and/or delays to your project, when supplying graphics to OT Studios, please be sure that your files are prepared to our specifications. We recommend that you use OT Studios' template files and review our specifications prior to submitting your artwork for approval. Customer supplied graphics that do not conform to our specifications can cause delays to your project delivery date.



     Final graphic layouts are accepted in electronic format as Adobe Photoshop™ (.psd), Adobe Illustrator™ (.ai & .eps), TIFF (.tif), Bitmap (.bmp), Jpeg (.jpg) or Adobe Acrobat™ (.pdf) from both MAC and PC platforms. It is best to save text as part of the image. Fonts should be supplied and/or embedded, rastorized, or converted to outlines.



     Color images should be in CMYK at a minimum of 300dpi (600 dpi is recommended and preferred.)

Black/White or grayscaled images should be provided at 600dpi. When preparing .pdf files, please be sure that artwork is not downsampled to a lower resolution.



     It is best to utilize the templates available on our website. Overall dimensions should include a 1/8" bleed area for trim allowance - For a proper print bleed, we require a 1/8 outer and inner bleed safety margin. Your supplied images/color should extend 1/8" beyond the final trim size to ensure a clean edge after trimming. Critical elements should be placed at least 1/8" within the actual cut lines to avoid being trimmed. (click here to view our templates).



     The color you see on your monitor may not match exactly the printouts you receive from us. Likewise, the color from our printers may also vary from what you print on your pinter. We cannot guarantee an exact match to your artwork.


Hard copy color proofs are available at an upgraded cost upon request.


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